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    Audit  Report

                                                                                                     J.J.N.D.S.Zi.[2010] No.0199

    Whole Shareholders of  XXX Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.:

    We have audited the annexed accounting statements of XXX Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., including Balance Sheet of Dec. 31, 2008-Dec. 31, 2010, Profit Sheet of year 2008-2010 and Annotations to Accounting Statements.

    I. Responsibility of administrative office to the accounting statement

    According to the regulations of enterprise accounting standards and Enterprise Accounting System, the administrative office of XXX Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for drawing these accounting statements. This responsibility includes: (1) design, implement, and maintain related inner control about formulation of accounting statement, which is in order to avoid serious misreport because of embezzlement and mistake; (2) select and apply appropriate accounting policy; (3) make reasonable accounting estimation. 

    II. Responsibility of Certified Public Accountants    

    Our responsibility is to issue auditing opinion on basis of conducting the audit work. We conducted the audit in accordance with China CPA Auditing Standards. The standards demands us comply with professional etiquette, plan and conduct auditing work to reasonably confirm that whether there are no serious mistakes in accounting statements.

    Our audit works included implement audit procedure to obtain audit evidence about accounting statements amount and revealing. Selected audit procedure is decided by the judgment of CPA, including the evaluation about the risk of serious misreport because of embezzlement and mistake. When making risk evaluation, we consider inner control about formulation of accounting statement to design proper audit procedure, but not to issue opinion about the effectiveness of inner control. Auditing work also includes evaluating the property of accounting policy and reasonability of accounting estimation, and evaluating general list report of accounting statement.

    We believe that our audit evidence is sufficient, properly, and provide basis of issuing audit opinion.

    III. Audit opinion

    We consider that the accounting statements of your company accord with stipulations of enterprise accounting standards and Enterprise Accounting System, and fairly reflected your company’s financial condition of Dec. 31, 2008-Dec. 31, 2010 and business achievement of year 2008-2010 in all great aspects.


    Hebei Jin’nuoda CPAs Co., Ltd

    Address: No.36 Guang’an Street,ShijiazhuangCity

    China CPA: He Liankui

    China CPA: Li Yan

    Report date: November 4, 2011